Well, I finished watching The Forsyte Saga.
I could just cry for Soames, I really could. Sorry, Marn.
But I feel so sorry for him! He’s such a product of the nasty Forsytes, he really is.
‘course, now I feel sorry for his daughter, too. He just adores her, and we all know what happens to things he adores. *cue evil laugh here*
Poor man. What he really needed was to be separated from his horrible family at a young age so he could grow up away from them. Instead he wound up working with his father and getting a full dose of nasty-Forsyte-ness. With all that passion he could have been another Young Jolyon, but noooooooooooooooo………. Sheesh.
And does anybody else think Young Jolyon needs to just stop reproducing? I mean, seriously! ;)
Now I just have to survive the wait until the second series is released here… *sigh* Probably be years before it’s available. *sniffle*

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