Turkey Day

I’m not doing the traditional Thanksgiving schtick this year. Mom and Dad are out of town; I’m spending the day taking care of the animals and working on my web contracts and my NaNo wordcount. But that’s ok. Those three things are things I’m very thankful for.
I’m thankful that I can share my life with so many wonderful animals. I’m thankful that I have found enough work to pay my bills in this tough time. I’m thankful that I have a computer and the leisure time to do NaNo at all.
More stuff I’m thankful for:

  • I hit 40k last night so I only have 10k to write by Saturday. :)
  • My folks let me live at home so I can afford to, well, live. Without food stamps, anyway. Goddamn student loans.
  • My family – they make me crazy sometimes but are still great folks.
  • My friends, online and off. You guys are the greatest!
  • The internet, without which I wouldn’t have met about half my best buds.
  • Fandom, without which I wouldn’t have met some great folks (waves at Cellrat).
  • The First Amendment, which means I can say and write stuff like “the Shrub is a dork” without being arrested (although it sounds like nowadays it means I’ll be put on a ‘to watch’ list and spied on).
  • Beautiful fall weather.
  • Peace and quiet.
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