I’m a bit hungover from yesterday, which is sad as I didn’t have any alcohol. Must be that heady potion of lattes and gobstoppers or something. Anyway. Admire the pix of me from last night:

Gobstoppers!  The drug of champions. RAAAAAAAAA!  I did it!

The shirt, by the way, says “No plot? No problem! National Novel Writing Month 2002.” It’s one of this year’s official shirts. I’m considering getting one in a smaller size. I heard they were running small, but nooooooooo…
Anyway. In other news, one of my UK friends went to see David Gray in concert last night and is all stoked about it. Now me, I’m not familiar with Gray’s work, but hey, if Cellrat is all stoked about it, he’s probably good. :) Guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for his stuff next time I’m out shopping for CDs.

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