Monday Mission 2.51

1. So, have you been naughty or nice this year? Both? Gimme details!
A little of both. :-D As to details, though, I take the fifth.

2. Are there any Christmas television commercials that you look forward to each year?

3. Are you the type that likes to know what you are getting as a present (do you rattle the boxes?) or do you like suprises?
I like surprises, me. Although guessing is fun, too.

4. Have you ever been scared of those “mall Santas?” Is there anything at “the mall” that does scare you?
Not really. The crass commercialism distresses me and some of my fellow shoppers scare me sometimes, though.

5. We’ve talked about Holiday foods you love, so what holiday foods do you hate?
When did we talk about holiday foods I like? I adore pumpkin pie and my dad’s Christmas cookies. Holiday foods I hate: yams! Ew.

6. Have you ever forgotten to buy someone a gift? How did that situation play out?
Nah. I’m pretty organized. I may be late sometimes but I don’t forget

7. Describe (or post a pic of) the tackiest holiday yard decorations you’ve ever seen?
I try to block that kind of thing out of my mind, me. :-D

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