Happy SantaDay!

Balancing Act, by Edward Gorey
Happy holiday of your choice, dear readers!
To the left is an image from one of the holiday card designs I used this year. Yes, it’s by Edward Gorey. How cool is that?
It really sums up what this time of year is about, at least in part, for most people. Even if you’re religious, unless you’re from a tradition that doesn’t do the whole gift-giving thing, you’re probably out buying gifts for all kinds of people. And on top of that, if you work in retail, or find yourself needing to purchase anything of any kind at all, you’ll be impacted by the swarms of shoppers out buying jillions of things for everyone they know.
Of course, there’s also the getting-together-with-family-and-friends aspect of the season to take into account. My Dad’s younger brother and his family came over today, and we had a great time eating and opening presents and playing (my Uncle’s got a little grandson who’s a blast to play with now that he’s old enough to talk and put legos together). That just rocked.
But I’m rambling (I have a feeling that reading Antwon‘s posts every day is causing his rather wordy style to rub off on me. Either that or it’s making me nostalgic for my days as an English Major at Oxy and reviving those old writing habits).
So… happy season-of-purchasing-and-hanging-with-family! I hope all my readers are having a good, reasonably safe time while stimulating the economy.
Oh, and for everyone who’ll be anywhere near Palo Alto tomorrow, Throwing Toasters are playing at an open mic at Cafe Verona (236 Hamilton Ave) some time around 8pm. Come check ’em out! They rock.

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