So I’ve been wondering lately why I’m so blasted tired and spazzed out all the time the last few days. I figured it out.

Doods, if you count all my contracts separately, I have nine jobs!!! Check it out:

  1. Senior Teacher at Success! Learning Center
  2. Junior sysadmin at Success! Learning Center (which has been a frickin’ part-time job in its own right the last week or two)
  3. Private tutor (with two batches of students)
  4. Web contract with Milpitas Unified School District
  5. Web contract with the Milpitas Rotary
  6. Web contract with another Milpitas group (not finalized, but still requiring time and effort, naturally)
  7. Film reviewer for the Milpitas Post
  8. Painting signs for my parents’ church
  9. Substitute teacher

Add to that the various other projects I have (my web site, The Red Pages, etc) and it’s no wonder that I’m frazzled beyond belief and haven’t seen most of my friends in ages. *sigh*

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