Red Elvises! And Stuff!

Dood. Red Elvises totally rock the house. I saw them twice this week, and dear GODS did they rock. They’re great musicians, but also great entertainers, and they have so much fun on stage that the FUN vibes just roll out over the crowd. Both shows started kinda slow, with the audience trying to get a handle on this weird band and the wacky gals boogie-ing their hearts out right in front of the stage (that would be my friends and moi). But by the second half of the show, people were dancing and hollering and having a great time. It’s impossible not to, with these guys. They’re just brilliant.

I was admittedly a little concerned – the band has lost two members in the last year and brought in new folks to replace them – but needn’t have been. The new guys, Oleg Schramm and Gustov Gustov (yes, that’s how he spells it. He’s an American and it’s his stage name, he didn’t know any better. ;) ), are fantastically talented and clearly having a great time with the group. Huzzah!

At Wednesday’s show, I managed to get a broken drumstick when Gustov threw it out into the crowd. Admittedly, it bounced off two people before I got it – I think Gustov needs to practice stick-tossing.

Also in the cool boat – tomorrow I get to see Roy Zimmerman in concert during a flying visit to LA. If any of my peeps in LA are mad that I didn’t contact them, lemme explain by listing the two likeliest reasons:

  1. I don’t have your current contact info (so send it to me!)
  2. I do have your current info but kinda figured you didn’t want to talk to me because you never email me back (*coughEarthcoughcough*).

So… yeah. Anyway. I’ll be back on Monday night. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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