PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.27

This week’s Monday Mission.

  1. Can you think of one single decision you made that changed the course of your life. A decision where if you had done something else, everything would be different now?
    I can think of several. The most obvious is, if I hadn’t chosen to go to the event where I met the bf my life would be a lot different. He’s really done a lot to change the way I view myself.

  2. Do you think every life has a pre-determined course, that we will wind up at point X regardless of the decisions we make?
    Hm… not really. I do rather loosely believe that we have specific lessons to learn while we’re here and that we’ll keep coming back to issues that relate to them until we’ve learned, but that’s it.

  3. Do you think that it is that left up to us and random chance to decide who we are with? Are we are guided to the person we were meant to be with or could you be with the wrong person while “the one” is still somewhere out there?
    Hm… I tend to think that there are a number of people who can make us happy as partners. It’s entirely possible to be with someone who isn’t perfectly right for us while someone better is out there waiting. I’d rather like to think that we’re guided (gently) to the right people. I do know that it sometimes feels like I’ve been guided to various guys in the past – mostly only to learn that they weren’t right for me. I suppose I was learning what I don’t want in a guy from them, or something.

  4. Do you like to drink and get drunk? When was the last time you were drunk or hung over? What was the occasion? How did it feel at the time? How did it feel the next day?
    I love to drink. I don’t love to actually be drunk, though. I find alcohol pleasant and definitely enjoy that happy buzzed feeling. The last time I was under the influence was over the weekend, when I got a bit of a buzz at a July 4th party. I didn’t get hungover and was merely happy rather than drunk, but it was cool. The next day, though, I was totally out of it.

  5. On the same topic, have you ever done anything you regret while “under the influence?” What happened? Do you remember it or did you have to be told?
    Hm… I’ve done thing that I probably wouldn’t have done if I had been sober, but I don’t actively regret them. In at least one case I did stuff I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise and am extremely glad I did. :) It’s part of that whole “paralyzed around guys I’m attracted to” thing I have going on.

  6. Were you/are you able to resist peer pressure in school/college? How? If not, what did you do that you wish you hadn’t?
    Yep. I’ve always been good at resisting peer pressure, mostly because I got a lot of support from my parents when I was in elementary school to help me be able to resist it.

  7. What things are better left unsaid?
    Hm… for me, things that will get me into a fight with my parents. Things that might hurt my friends’ feelings (unless it’s something that really, really needs ot be said). Things that cross into TMI territory. When I’m around fundies or right-wingers, I try to avoid anything to do with religion or politics.
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