PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.29

This week’s Monday Mission.

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where you were worried sick about something/someone and your mind played out horrible outcomes? What was the situation and what did your imagination come up with? How did it all turn out?
    Oh, gosh, that happens all the time. All the time. I usually combat it with positive thinking and it turns out fine.

  2. Are there any superstitions that you believe in, or just do out of habit? Do you feel like it makes a difference?
    Hm… not really. I suppose the whole “knock on wood” thing (knocking something wooden as a way of averting bad luck when discussing a piece of good fortune) counts, though. I do that because it always feels… I don’t know, rather hubristic to discuss good fortune without some solid acknowledgement that it is good fortune.

  3. What frightens you?
    All sorts of things. The thought of loosing people I care about in particular. Heights don’t frighten me, but I do have that inner-ear thing that gives me vertigo when I look down from a height, and that’s disquieting.

  4. Has there ever been a time where you were too proud to ask for help? What was the situation, and did you ever finally ask?
    Hm… I don’t think so. I usually ask for help when I genuinely need it.

  5. Have you ever had, or do you have In-Laws (or the non-marriage equivalent) that you just don’t like or do things that drive you insane? What are some of the things they’ve done that almost drove you over the edge?
    Oh, heavens yes. Trying to buddy up to me by insulting the object of my affections makes me nuts. I’ve also got relatives that do stuff that makes me insane, but that’s a separate issue.

  6. It has been said that you can tell how a man will treat his wife/girlfriend by watching how he treats his mother. Do you think that is true?
    Yep. The bf has a good relationship with his mom and treats her very respectfully, and he’s nothing but sweet to me. By extension, one of my male pals in college had a tetchy relationship with his mom and no good relationships with females – gfs left, and he eventually decided he didn’t want to be friends with me, either.

  7. But then, there is the other extreme. Do you know any men that are just a little too close to their mothers? You know the kind, they won’t make a decision on their own, can’t do their own laundry and so on? How did that relationship work out for you? Any stories to tell?
    Hm… no.

  8. What did you do last night after the sun went down?
    Well, Sunday night I set up the Learning Center, then called the bf to chat. Last night, I went to Lord of the Rings league, then did bills, then called the bf to chat. :)
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