PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.30

This week’s Monday Mission.

  1. Have you ever had, or known someone who has had, a “Mid-Life Crisis?” What happened? Is there such a thing or is it just an excuse?
    I’ve never had one or really known anyone who was having one (or at least, I didn’t know at the time). I can understand why someone might have such a thing. I mean, realizing you’re about halfway through your proverbial shuffle along this mortal coil (or whatever proverbs call it) has got to be freaky. Hell, realizing I was about a quarter of the way through was freaky enough for me!

  2. Have you ever had a dream so vivid, that you woke up with certain emotions towards a person for what happened in your dream, even though they didn’t do a thing to deserve it in real life? What did you feel and and what was the dream?
    Nope. Although I did have an irrational nightmare about E.T. once and still can’t stand the movie or anything to do with him.

  3. I think everyone is creative in some way or other. Some people draw, some play music, some write, some cook, some build or sew. How do you express your creativity? Have you ever made money from it?
    I write, me. I’ve been paid in the past and hope someday to do it for a living.

  4. Has anything you created ever been stolen? How did you handle it?
    I once had someone post one of my stories on their site without giving a link or asking me or anything. They did (if memory serves) keep my name on it, but that was it. I was annoyed, and reported them to their web host. The page was pulled.

  5. I imagine the question above is similar to what the music industry is going through with file sharing. Do you think downloading music via file sharing is “stealing?” Is taking songs without paying for them any different than someone taking your work without your permission?
    Hm… that’s a tricky one. Is it stealing when your friend makes you a mix tape? No. Is it stealing when you want to buy a CD but don’t because your friend will tape it for you? Yes. I think that some use of file sharing qualifies as stealing, but it’s mostly a matter of intent. I mean, if I use file sharing software to check out a band and decide I don’t like them enough to buy a CD, no money has been lost on their end (I never, and I do mean never buy a CD unless I’m about 95% sure I’ll like it). OTOH, if I check out a band via filesharing software and do like them, they’ve made money – I wouldn’t have bought their CD otherwise.
    Now, I don’t use filesharing software myself – I’m on dialup – but I think the RIAA needs to grow up. Filesharing is here to stay, and rather than making enemies by playing bully they need to figure out ways to use it as an advertising tool.
    Well, that and realize that if they don’t quit grossly overpricing CDs, nobody’s going to buy them.

  6. How do you feel about the RIAA targeting everyone (parents, teenagers, grandparents) who share songs over the Internet with expensive lawsuits? Should they be selective in who they subpoena, or should all who violate copyrights be treated equally? Or are they going too far? Should the music be free?
    See above. I am pissed at them. They suck.

  7. On the same thought, what do you think pay-per-song concepts such as iMusic and Will they succeed? Is this the solution? If not, what is?

    I think those are kinda cool, personally. I mean, I don’t want to buy a whole CD if I only like one track, but I’d pay a buck or so for a song I like – provided I get to keep using the mp3 after my subscription lapses. I think those bugged files suck.
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