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You know it’s too damn hot when…

…you walk into the back room at your place of work and think, “wow, it’s nice and cool back here,” and then look at the thermostat and realize it’s 84 degrees. Now, to y’all in Texas and whatnot, that may … Continue reading

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Bad Boys

Great review by Ebert here. I was thinking about seeing this but have changed my mind.

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As usual, the Blog Meetup rocked the house. We had a dozen people last night, I think: Me, Courtney, Twon, Mark, David, Rich, Jonas, Jonathan, Faisal, Elkit, and Kevin. And some guy whose name I don’t know and couldn’t figure … Continue reading


More about my damn booklog

Well! My individual archives over on my booklog are working again. What did I do? Did I beat Moveable Type with a rubber hose until it worked? No. I replaced my beautiful templates with the godawful boring ones MT comes … Continue reading

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Having received a number of messages about my booklog indeed being thrashed, I’m going to spend some time today working on it. Wish me luck.

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Antwon finally updated! Hooray!

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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.28

This week’s Monday Mission – on a Tuesday because Promo was in the hospital yesterday for a colonoscopy.

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A Favor

O Faithful readers, I have a request. My booklog appears to be on the fritz, amking it impossible to surf the individual entries. Could some of you go over and check it out? Just cruise around the individual archives, see … Continue reading

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An observation

There are few things quite as satisfying as perusing one’s server logs and realizing that in the last week, one’s blog averaged 100 hits per day.

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I read this on Jayman‘s site: As a single guy, if you are interested in a woman, quite possibly the very worst compliment she 1000 can give you, is that you are “nice.” Nice is what you are when you … Continue reading