Monday Mission 3.37

This week’s Monday Mission… finally.

  1. What regular chore(s) do you dread the most?
    Hard to say. If I’m in the right mood, almost any chore is at least bearable if not actually fun. Cleaning is usually miserable, though.

  2. Have you ever tried any of the “tabbed” browsers like MyIE2, Safari or Mozilla Firebird? Do you like it better than a one-window browser? How come?
    Haven’t tried ’em.

  3. Do you ever get criticized for being on the computer too much? How much time do you spend on the PC and/or on-line? Is it too much time are or do they just not “get” us?
    Gosh, yes, Mom gives me a hard time about how much time I spend on line ALL the time. I only spend an hour or three a day online, though.

  4. One of the phrases I notice every week when read in the job listings is “must be a highly motivated self-starter..” I have no idea what that means. To me it sounds like what they really want to say is “must be able to take a lot of crap and not complain.” That could be why I don’t get many second interviews. In your opinion, what is a “self-starter?” Are you a “self-starter?”
    Hm… I think a self-starter is someone who’s motivated and able to get crackin’ without being hassled. I’m something of a self-starter, provided I know exactly what’s expected of me. :)

  5. Let’s take that thought one step further: Write a Job Ad that describes you perfectly (as you are now, not as your “ideal” self) as well as the ideal job you’d like to get paid for doing.
    Hm… “Wanted: a movie reviewer/opinion columnist to provide weekly reviews of new movies and DVDs and one column per week on a topic of his/her choosing. Must have 1-2 years experience.”

  6. Do you take medications on a regular basis, or ever attempted to? Have they caused any side effects? Is it worth enduring them for the benefit you receive from the medication?
    Yep. I’ve taken anti-inflammatories regularly and am currently popping enough ibuprofen and tylenol to count as “on a regular basis.” Side effects? One of the anti-inflammatories I took made me bloat and … um … have other issues. I quit taking that one in less than a week. Not worth the benefits.

  7. What moment from the past have you tried to re-live that has fallen short of the memory?
    None that I can think of. :) I have a good sense memory.
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