Bloggish Tripe


Y’know, having a new car will be nice but I am getting damn tired of having no energy/time for email, posting here, etc etc etc.

I mean, if I’m feeling so harried that coming up with a sentence for the Word of the Day is too much work, you know there’s something wrong.

However, the massive hours I’m working now will enable me to acquire a new (to me, anyway) car. I’m gonna go waltz around dealerships today and test-drive a couple models to see if my short list (gleaned via talking with friends and doing internet research) is any good. Then I’m gonna think some more. Then I’ll probably pare the list a bit, do a couple more test drives… and then… start hunting for a good price. Woot!

Very exciting.

In the meantime, however, y’all are stuck with very, very sporadic and lame updates. I apologize for that. I’d promise things will get better, but once I have the new car I’ll probably be off careening around the universe in it, not posting, so there are no guarantees. :)

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