PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.38

This week’s Monday Mission.

Why is it that I manage to save drafts of these and then forget entirely to complete and publish them until the next day? Sheesh!

  1. What was the first perfume or cologne you wore? Tell me about the memories that come to mind when you think about it/smell it again.
    I don’t wear perfume. [shrug]

  2. What are some of the best things about Fall?

    • Cooler weather!
    • Fewer flies … which means less hassle with the horses.
    • Cooler weather.
    • Pretty colors of leaves.
    • Did I mention cooler weather?
  3. I saw an episode of Dr. Phil recently where this good ol’ boy was just breaking his wife down left and right by making fun of her weight and the size of her rear end. I am amazed that men like this exist and are able to remain married. Why do some women put up with men who constantly insult them and/or abuse them?
    I don’t really understand that behavior myself. My impression is that the women in question either think they can change the guy, think his love/stability/whatever is worth putting up with the abuse for, think they won’t find anyone else, or have been brainwashed into not leaving.

  4. Speaking of that, obviously making fun of a woman’s weight is something that men should know not to ever do. Still, many of us are clueless. What are some things men should never say to women?
    Hm… That’s a fairly sexist way to look at it. I tend to think that there are things people shouldn’t say to people – insults, demeaning or cruel comments, that kind of thing.

  5. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Is that too many or not enough? Do you keep shoes you know you will never wear again?
    Hm… Eight. Two pair of Dr. Martens’ boots (one for mucky stuff, one for daily wear), one pair of combat boots, one pair of dress heels, one pair of sandals, two pair of keds (which I almost never wear), one pair of New Balance Walking Shoes. I think that’s a good reason. I don’t keep shoes I’ll never ever wear again. :)

  6. Did your family keep a lot of photo albums around? Do you like looking at family photo albums?
    We don’t have that many in my family and I almost never look through them. That said, I do have my own, and I look through them sometimes.

  7. I’ve finally got a Friday night off to go out to a movie. You’re coming with, right? Great! I am leaving it all up to you though, you make the plans, who’s going, where to eat, the movie, whatever else later. I’ll be by a 7 to get you, so what’s the plan?
    Hm… I’d say my best bud and her fiancee and my bf would come with, plus a guest of yer choosing. We’d have dinner at somewhere cheap but decent (Fresh Choice if we feel healthy, food court/In ‘n’ Out if we don’t), then see something fun at either the Mall or the Mercado (depending on whether we think we can take that goddamn Fandango ad). Pirates of the Caribbean rocked, let’s see that. :) THen … coffee somewhere?
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