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\ih-NOK-yoo-uhs\, adjective: 1. Harmless; producing no ill effect. 2. Not likely to offend or provoke; as, “an innocuous remark.” Although the average action film is innocuous, some are genuinely terrible.

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\puh-RAM-byuh-layt\, intransitive verb: To walk about; to roam; to stroll; as, “he perambulated in the park.” transitive verb: 1. To walk through or over. 2. To travel over for the purpose of surveying or inspecting. The policeman was perambulating along … Continue reading

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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.35

This week’s Monday Mission.

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en masse

\en MASS; on MASS\, adverb: All together; as a whole. We fled en masse when Godzilla destroyed our town.

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\soo-puhr-SIL-ee-uhs\, adjective: Disdainfully arrogant; haughty. Why do so many vampires in movies these days come across as supercilious? Well, if you were immortal, immensely strong, and as good-looking as movie vamps usually are, you’d be stuck up too!

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Reviews up

I’ve updated my Movies Reviews section with some new flicks. Check it out!

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