Does it make me a bad person that reading about Republicans stealing Democrats’ files made me roll my eyes rather than filling me with outrage? I mean, dood, all I could think was, “wow, I bet the Dems have done something bad, too.”
As it turns out, the memos and files stolen (by breaking in to their computers regularly for over a year) concerned, in part, which nominees for various positions the Dems were gonna filibuster over in order to please special interest groups.
So the Reps stole files about bad things the Dems were plotting.
And people wonder why my generation is so cynical and apathetic about politicians. Hey, Washington! You guys want us to care? You want us to give a rat’s ass? Stop acting like seventh graders and try acting like leaders! Dipshits. God, I hate politics. When the bf wins the lottery, maybe he and I can buy an island and declare it our own country or something.

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