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by Anton Kaes This is part of the BFI Film Classics series, and it covers the brilliant Fritz Lang movie “M,” which starred Peter Lorre. This was Lang’s first sound film, and it ROCKS. Anyway. The book is cool, if … Continue reading

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Steel Magic

by Andre Norton, Illustrated by Robin Jaques What a charming little fantasy! Three kids go exploring in the garden and find a portal to another world… where they have to find three magical items needed in the war against evil … Continue reading

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Witchcraft Today

by Martin Ebon Wow, this is an old collection of essays about the occult, and it varies from mildly amusing to really annoying. The folks who wrote most of it don’t differentiate between different branches of the occult (witchcraft = … Continue reading

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Best. President’s Day Post. Evar!

Read it and weep. Disclaimer: Yes, Democratic presidents in the past have sucked too. But dayumm is Dubya making some bad stuff happen. Worse, the so-called “liberal” media isn’t calling him on it. I wish there were more hardcore investigative … Continue reading

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Marriage is Love

            Marriage is love. Thank you. That is all.



This is my 1000th blog entry. I find that kind of scary. Cool, but still scary.



\PLAYN-tiv\, adjective: Expressive of sorrow or melancholy; mournful; sad. There are few who can resist the plaintive look of a lonely puppy.

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Oh, and in case you were wondering, I had an absolutely, positively fantastic Valentine’s Day. After years of imagining what it would be like to have both A Real Boyfriend ™ and time to be with him on the 14th … Continue reading

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Grab Bag

Well, since I haven’t managed to find a new meme I like for Mondays, I’m making one up myself. :) My BlogLinks email folder is full to bursting again, so every Monday I’m gonna post a handful of links from … Continue reading

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What Greek Personalty Type am I? Melancholy, apparently.

I’m melancholy, eh? Well DUH!