Bloggish Tripe

Yeesh. Busybusybusy is me, as whined about previously.
But I managed to make it to the last 90 minutes of the Blogger meet last night. Yay! it’s always fun to see the folks, although it bums me out that I missed so many people. By the time I got there, half the folks had left.
This weekend I’m driving to LA (first roadtrip in my new car!) to see the Lord of the Rings costumes at The FIDM. Hooray! However, I suspect it will not exactly be a super-restful weekend. *sigh*
And… yeah. That’s about it. I’m really annoyed that I’ve been too busy to do NaNoEdMo like I’d planned. But I’m currently too busy to do a decent job on the homework for the freelance writing class Mom gave me for my birthday, so I don’t think I have time for Edmo at all. :( Am v. sad about that. Maybe I’ll do it all by myself this summer or something. I do want to edit my novel, since I finished it and it’s not too bad.
Thank you, that is all.

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