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Check this out: MoveOn has organized a nifty petition for college students to tell Prez Bush that his request for a loan is DENIED! He’s racked up a hell of a deficit we’re gonna have to pay off… and he’s just frozen student aid.
So he won’t give students loans, but he wants them to give HIM one. He can go to hell.

*Please forward this email to friends and family who are college students.*
Dear MoveOn member,
President Bush has frozen funding for student aid. And now he’s hitting
young people up for a massive loan. His new budget will increase the
national debt by a half-trillion dollars this year alone. Of course,
young people are the ones who will have to pay down Bush’s debt through
higher taxes and cuts to vital services.
Students, send this message to Bush: LOAN DENIED!
A new site we’ve helped launch provides a funny and productive way to
say no to the Bush loan. Click the link below to reject Bush’s credit —
and when you do, MoveOn Voter Fund will earn $1 in matching funds.
President Bush has asked all Americans to go into further debt, not for
priorities such as education but for tax cuts for the wealthiest
Americans and our war with Iraq. Bush, in his most recent budget, has
asked all of us for a $4,500 loan against our future earnings. This is
in addition to the $13,000 each of us already owes for the national
debt, now totaling more than $7 trillion.
The campaign to reject George Bush’s credit is part of a new effort the Voter Fund is co-sponsoring called the “College Click Drive,”
together with a group called Click Back America. Click Back America is a
great way for college students to get active. And for every student that
takes action, the MoveOn Voter Fund gets a $1 contribution for our
efforts to expose Bush Administration policies. We’ll be tracking how
students around the country do, and the school with the most matching
contributions will win a big prize.
To participate visit:
– Wes Boyd Voter Fund
March 24, 2004

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