Wednesday Whatevers

This week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

  1. What are your views on pornography?
    It’s cool by me. The women are totally objectified, but so are the men. I think watching too much of it promotes unhealthy expectations because most porn includes no even slightly realistic depection of an actual, healthy relationship between the two folks going at it. The folks who are addicted to it (and there are folks like that – check out True Porn Clerk Stories) need help.

  2. What would you like done to your body when you die?
    I’m torn between cremation and burial. I like the cleanliness of cremation but burial has the whole headstone thing. I like headstones. Although I think most coffins are kinda tacky. I’d want a coffin that would biodegrade.

  3. Would you rather eat your tongue or your hand?
    What a morbid question! I love talking too much to want to lose my tongue but I spend so much time typing that I wouldn’t want to lose a hand either. I guess it would depend heavily on which hand. Maybe if I kept my right hand I could learn to touch type with just the one.
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