Otherland Volume IV: Sea of Silver Light

Wow, the last book.

This series kicks butt. Well, it’s not really a series, since it’s one big story broken into four long volumes, but anyway: it’s GREAT.
Tad Williams posesses the ability to create new worlds with such detail and believability that it’s hard to imagine them any other way. His vision of the future in these books is so believable that it’s hard to imagine that we won’t all be jacking in to the ‘net through neurocannulas and creating sims and playing weird games online.
Best of all, his characters are all unusual, all fascinating. !Xabbu, the bushman, is a delight, and Renie, who is in many ways the books’ main heroine, is a marvel of humanity. !Xabbu’s stories are fantastic and moving, and the rest of the group that assembles around Renie and !Xabbu to take down the Otherland network (which has rendered scores of youngsters comatose around the world) is full of idiosyncracies and revelations.
The nature of the Otherland network, when it is finally revealed, is a hammerblow of shock and amazement… and utter believability.
I can’t wait to read Williams’ newest book.

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