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*tap* *tap* is this thing on?

Just testing to make sure the upgrade to MT 2.661 worked…

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Aw yeah! \m/

My computer has been souped up, baby. Aw yeah. It has. My new hardware: 200Gb harddrive 2.6Ghz Athelon processor new motherboard 512Mb of RAM DVD-ROM drive w00t! It’s amazing how much faster my applications open! Now to get moved out … Continue reading


Wednesday Whatevers

This week’s Wednesday Whatevers.

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Click Back!

Check this out: MoveOn has organized a nifty petition for college students to tell Prez Bush that his request for a loan is DENIED! He’s racked up a hell of a deficit we’re gonna have to pay off… and he’s … Continue reading

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I just want to echo Bookslut and say, “Fuck Daphne de Marneffe and her new book Maternal Desire: On Children, Love, and the Inner Life.” (original entry here and explanation here) Warning: hugeass rant below. Reading Bookslut’s post sort of … Continue reading


Signs you live in Silicon Valley…

Remember that tech writing gig I had? The company folded today. Geez. Guess I’m not destined to be a tech writer, eh?

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There’s a great little article here about why indie bookstores are having such a rough time. As a card-carrying Borders customer it’s probably hypocritical of me to go “yeah! That’s so true!” but hey, it is true. Little bookstores are … Continue reading


I hate people.

Last night some asshat keyed my car. My new car. My beautiful 2003 Civic. They made a big scratch across the back, right above the licenseplate holding area.


Bloggish Tripe

Yeesh. Busybusybusy is me, as whined about previously. But I managed to make it to the last 90 minutes of the Blogger meet last night. Yay! it’s always fun to see the folks, although it bums me out that I … Continue reading

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A new meme! Via Layer.

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