Today’s horoscope: Even if you

Today’s horoscope:

Even if you tried to sidestep the intensity now, it will probably just follow you around. You are part of this process and there is an unwritten law that you cannot withdraw from the situation without causing it to get worse. And it’s not that it’s even bad. It’s just that you could be stubbornly supporting your own belief that change is easy. At this time in your life, it’s not.

Somehow this seems particularly appropos – I spent this morning going through the boxes of my things stored in the garage. I think I got about halfway done, and I already have nine boxes of “stuff to sell.” Scary thought, eh? I’m saving a bunch of stuff, too, though. Stuffed animals I can’t bear to part with (Mr. Bear! my Manatee! Raggedy Ann! Eeyore!), books I love, all that’s left of my elementary school projects, etc.
But it’s rough. I really wish I could just schlep all the boxes to the new place and stick them in storage, but there isn’t the space. And anyway, I really don’t NEED this stuff. Other people could use it. I’m never going to read those young adult novels again. I’m never going to play with most of these toys again (although some I’m keeping ‘cos I hate the thought of not having them around).
Moving is a pain. Moving out of a house you’ve lived in since you were three is a total pain. And kind of depressing.

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