So, as previously mentioned (just a few times), I am moving out! I’m moving out permanently on memorial day weekend, woooo!
However, as many of y’all know, I have a BOATLOAD of stuff. Oodles. Tons. Five big bookshelves of books. The works.
So, not being a total idiot, I’m moving as much as I can in small trips now. I’ve already cleared everything out of the storage unit and the garage (that was the easy stuff!), and now I’m moving books.
Now we reach the real point of this posting (jeez, I’m taking after Antwon): since I’m moving every single book and have to take them out of boxes and put them away myself (I have a weird filing system), I’m cataloging them.
Yes, that’s right. I’m writing down the author/title of every damn one of these books I own. I want a full listing, dammit! And then I’m gonna take my fledgeling MySQL knowledge and try to make a database of ’em. Wheee!
Maybe I’ll put it up on my site somewhere so y’all can be scared. :)
So far I’ve done all my “authors I collect” (Tolkien, Pratchett, Lovecraft, Snickett, Gorey), my horror, and my fantasy/scifi. Still to come: general fiction, mysteries, general nonfiction, classics, biographies/memoirs, textbooks, Books I Have Not Read, and Vampires. Woo hoo!

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