Random moving updates

My aquarium sprung a leak some time in the wee hours of yesterday morning. I went to feed the fish as I headed out the door to work yesterday and discoverd that the tank was dripping.
A trip to the pet store and a lot of work later, I have a new aquarium. Note to self: my roomie is a saint and I should treat her to dinner or something asap. She helped me with the whole empty-out-the-old-aquarium-and-net-the-fish-and-whatnot thing, then spent a couple hours moving things around while I ran off to work (substitute teaching) late. Gah.
I’m getting closer to being entirely unpacked. Not there yet (my books still need sorting/cataloging/shelving and I haven’t touched my files at all) but getting there.
Mom told me today that Tabitha, the psycho orange cat my wonderful cousin gave us years ago, is lonely. She has taken to curling up in front of the washing machine in the garage and looking depressed. This is hilarious to me because she always loathed my cats (which I’ve taken to the new place, they’re adjusting fairly well so far).

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