Good grief.

Geez, has it really been that long since I posted?! This is pathetic! Argh! Sorry, kids.
The summer session is in full swing at Success! Learning Center, where I work full time in the summer, so I’ve been superuberbusy.
Recent news: I saw “Spiderman 2” last night at a press screening and boy were my socks rocked! It is SO COOL! I got all squealy and practically crushed the bf’s hand during the exciting bits because I was so worked up. All this even though I was in the process of developing a horrible migraine. THAT is how much I liked it. Is it cheesy? Yes. Is the science utterly moronic? Yes. But Doc Ock is just too cool for words and even all of Peter’s angsty stoicism couldn’t make me turn against the movie.
Much fun. Go see it when it opens, folks. Seriously.

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