Friday Foofah

This week’s Friday Foofah.

Getting Technical

  1. Are you viewing this on a computer running MacOS or Windows (or something else)?
    Windows 98SE, sadly. I’d love to upgrade to XP pro or Linux but am (a) lazy and (b) cheap.

  2. If money wasn’t an issue, what computer would you have on your desk?
    Ooooo… something supercool and superfast, with a dual linux/windows boot. :D

  3. When did you first get on the Internet?
    back in the day. I was in high school, so pre-1996. My dad had ‘net access at work and he joined an email list on my behalf (the ancient MPEB). He would bring home all the messages on a floppy for me and then ferry the replies back in the morning. Wheee!

  4. What’s the #1 use you put your computer to?
    Email, probably. I’m an email addict. :D Secondary uses: writing, blogging, surfing.
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