Friday Foofah

Last week’s Friday Foofah. See, I get to ’em eventually!


  1. Attachment parenting: raising balanced, loving and stable kids – or a nightmare of clingy, needy brats?
    I don’t know what attachment parenting is, so… yeah. [looks it up on Google] Well, I dunno, it sounds kinda flaky and new-age to me.

  2. Nursing: the healthy natural way or an unnecessary pain in the…?
    Healthy, natural way. Most, if not all of the intellectually gifted people I know were breastfed or fed mother’s milk in bottles.

  3. Kids growing up: Great! I can’t wait to sit down and have deep discussions with them; or, Sniff, my babies grew up so fast!
    I don’t have kids so it’s not an issue for me. :)
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