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Well, folks, I’m flying back East tonight to visit my mom’s younger brother and his kids. My next-to-oldest cousin from that lot is getting married this Friday! I haven’t seen these guys in AGES although we’ve kept in touch via … Continue reading

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Bloggers expect to make money?

According to this MyWay News article they do. Good grief, people. Anybody who thinks they can make money off their website is on crack. It’s like going into fiction writing for the money. Sure, some people get lucky but it’s … Continue reading


Oh, my Gods!

Last night was FAR more entertaining than it needed to be. Short version: Antwon came over. We smelled something burning. We heard sirens. We went outside. His dad’s van was on fire. The firefighters arrived and put it out. The … Continue reading


Goooooo Jimmy!

President Carter takes Zell Miller to task for his speech at the RNC. Apparently it’s a private letter which was leaked, not sure where TalkingPointsMemo got it, but hey, it’s a good letter. And it makes a good point – … Continue reading

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I swear, Zephyr must be the neediest cat ever. He cries at me to be petted all the time and is even now sitting on my lap and purring and rubbing at my hands. He just needs so much love! … Continue reading

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Fear Me!

Some photos from my Uncle’s birthday party. They wanted me to cut the cake…


Camps for Citizens?

Holy hell. Ashcroft wants the right to detain citizens arrested in the US indefinitely without charging them. As long as he says they’re terrorists, this is supposed to be OK. I want to protest. I want to go wave a … Continue reading

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Sleep Problems

Interesting story on teenagers and sleep debt.

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Languages of Love

An interesting quiz thingie about love languages, found via Kr8vkat.

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Well, all y’all who didn’t sign up for my Shakespeare class or couldn’t make it or whatever totally missed out. We had a great time! Snacks, good reading, lively discussion, the works. Hooray!