I can never decide if I love it or hate it more when someone else says something in their blog/LJ/whatever that I really, really wish I’d said.
Here are excerpts and links.
Epicyclical sez: being silent when hateful, or even just really wrongheaded, things are being said, feels like cowardice. But then everyone else gets upset, and people are all, “Well, you claim to be tolerant, but here you are jumping on me for disagreeing. What about my right to free speech? What about respecting all opinions as equally valid?”
She led me to Clio, who sez: If someone said in 1964 that they felt that beating back Khrushchev was more important than the civil rights situation in the south and therefore they were voting for Goldwater, they would have been within their rights to do so. However, they shouldn’t have been surprised that any Black friends they might have had would take it personally, wondering that a friend of theirs would actually put something ahead of their right to vote/go to school/even exist. and then goes on to relate that to the present day election.
I agree, on both counts.
Edited to add: and the award for best gay rights / slash fiction fandom rant goes to: TheBratQueen

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