Entries like this one make me want to blog more personal stuff.
Mind you, I’ve no idea if I’d be able to write about it well or if I’d come off as pretentious.
And it would risk the whole “we don’t discuss our relationship in specific terms online” thing the bf and I have going.
But still. It’s tempting. When there’s something wondrous and beautiful and perfect in my life, I want to put it into words. I want to share it. I want to say, “LOOK! Look, I have this wonderful thing. Finally. I have this wonderful thing everyone else has been talking about and I’ve never had before and now I have it.”
I want the world to be happy with me.
Downside: When/if that wonderful, perfect, beautiful thing goes away, I think I’d feel a responsibility to share that too. And that would just be whiny.

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