Well, the interview yesterday went great, I thought, although it was weird to do a “techie” interview rather than a “fuzzie” interview. The bf and I have discussed the differences in interview styles several times and it was neat to actually be in the hot seat for a techie interview.
What’s the difference, you say?
Well, fuzzy interviews are informal, chatty, and don’t usually have wacky questions. The interviews I did with the City of Milpitas and The San Mateo County Times were pretty simple. “Tell us more about this thing on your resume. What kinds of things did you do there?”
Whereas a techie interview involves talking with a series of people, getting asked “do you have any questions for us?” a lot, and, ironically, much more touchy-feely questions about one’s resume (“how does it make you feel when you have to really chase down information?”).
I did feel like I have much more techie cred than I usually give myself credit for – apparently teaching myself CSS and HTML with almost no help, tackling Visual Basic at the age of 8, and trying to learn Perl alone from a book is unusual. Who knew?

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