I have a goal for this vacation.
I am going to see a movie a day (maybe more!) and get caught up on the movies I want to see. I’m probably not going to review them. I’m just going to take advantage of the fact that I have two weeks of vacation from my school-oriented jobs and almost no freelance work to do.

Movies I want to see:

The Grudge
I Heart Huckabees
Napoleon Dynamite
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Team America: World Police
House of Flying Daggers
Spike and Mike’s 2004 Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation
Finding Neverland
The Machinist
The Life Aquatic

We’ll see if I manage to get them all. The first five are all showing at the local cheapie theater. I’m going to hit matinees, preferably as a reward after getting something real accomplished (like working on FINALLY unpacking the last of the boxes from my move). I’m going to do my best to blog about ’em, if only to help me remember them more clearly.
Interested in coming along? Drop me a line!

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