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Vacation Movies: Day Two

Saw “The Grudge” today – a remake of a Japanese movie done by the same director. Wow. Japanese horror movies are WAY better than American ones. I only found two loose ends in this one (the real estate agent and … Continue reading

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Vacation Movies: Day one

Saw TWO movies yesterday, go me! “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” is just gorgeous. It’s very much a pulp movie, and I think people who harsh on it are forgetting that. I really enjoyed it, although I did … Continue reading

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My two latest movie reviews are up – Phantom of the Opera and Lemony Snicket

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I have a goal for this vacation. I am going to see a movie a day (maybe more!) and get caught up on the movies I want to see. I’m probably not going to review them. I’m just going to … Continue reading



So there’s this blog I read, Nomen Est Numen. I’ve linked to it before. She’s really cool – a very heartfelt blogger, and she writes with great honesty about her recovery from a serious eating disorder. Recently, the guy she … Continue reading

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Link grab bag

OK, I have WAY too many links in my “Blog LInks” folder. Some are over a year old. So here they are! Random links, for your clicking pleasure. :) aidroid_e – neat flash game where you’re a robot. Christmas Consumerism … Continue reading

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Well, the interview yesterday went great, I thought, although it was weird to do a “techie” interview rather than a “fuzzie” interview. The bf and I have discussed the differences in interview styles several times and it was neat to … Continue reading

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Well, one of my seven jobs is gone – lost the contract due to lack of funding on the employer’s part. Another of my seven jobs has dried up temporarily, at least until mid-January. Gah. But I have a job … Continue reading

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Go me.

New review up (Ocean’s 12), as well as more archives – all of 1998 is up now! Yay! Go read! Leave comments!

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The Persian Boy

by Mary Renault I’m reading this as part of my “learn more about Alexander the Great” phase. It’s about the second half of Alexander’s life and is from the point of view of Bagoas, the Persian eunuch who was involved … Continue reading

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