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The Dance of the Dissedent Daughter

By Sue Monk Kidd I can tell it’s winter, I’m reading introspective books. I’m re-reading this one, which is about a woman who was raised Baptist but became dissatisfied with the Christian church’s minimalization of women and set out to … Continue reading

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Sorry for the lack of postings. What with the whole “winter” thing going on I am doing my standard “vaguely depressed, asocial, and introverted” schtick. yeah, I know, I do it every year. booooooring. Well, not so much for the … Continue reading

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You know, reading the New York Review of Books over breakfast is great. It lets me learn about all kinds of stuff, from Alexander Hamilton to random new fiction. And sometimes it lets me learn about current events. Politics. Atrocities. … Continue reading

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My buddy Melissa has put a bunch of her amazing artwork up where y’all can see it. Go! Now!

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NaNo ramble

over here.

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Lovecraft Mythos Test

WOOO! Miskatonic Student Your Mythos Knowledge score is 97! “You no longer suspect there are forces at work that are beyond the comprehension of sane people. You know! You probably have a collection of Mythos books rivaling many libraries, and … Continue reading


I’m a LOTR Nerd!

Duh. LOTR Nerd Congratulations! You scored 90! You’ve read the books, seen the movies, and love the story…some may make fun, but that’s alright. You are truly an LOTR Nerd!

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What Religion Suits me Best?

I’m cleaning out my inbox Yay!

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