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Dogs are fine. It’s their owners that piss me off.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I kind of like dogs. And I know several dog owners who are rational and cool people. But some jackass in our neighborhood keeps letting his dog poop in our yard and I have about … Continue reading

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There’s something about finding out that one does have enough money to pay all the bills after all that is remarkably soothing… and at the same time, remarkably invigorating! I feel like partying now. Yay! One month at a time…

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Yay and boo!

Well, the TypeKey issue appears to be resolved, too. Yay! Let me encourage all y’all to go sign up with TypeKey – it’ll make your comments show up faster. On the “boo” side of things, though, it appears that MT-Blacklist … Continue reading

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Sorry about the comments issues, folks. It seems I actually had TWO problems, one of which has now been resolved. As soon as the other (using TypeKey) is resolved, things should work properly. In the meantime, comments DO work, they … Continue reading



Interesting article here, founc via a post by PromoGuy. It’s about things teenage girls think about that parents may not realize they think about. Good stuff, really. Parents who don’t realize that their teenage girls think about this stuff are … Continue reading



Sorry my comments aren’t working properly. When you try to comment it does go into my pending queue, so the comment isn’t lost, but I do have to approve all of them. Apparently I did something wrong with TypeKey or … Continue reading

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Just testing…

I upgraded to the new MT and am checking to make sure that it worked.



My buddy Fade sez she isn’t ready to be a grownup. She’s 23. I’m 26. Reading her thoughful entry, it struck me that I am starting to feel like an adult (moving out and working my ass off all day … Continue reading

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iPod *snicker*, more like.

I can’t be the only one who thinks the new iPod Shuffle is kinda lame, right? Sure, it looks cool, but when you examine it, it turns out that it’s just a little iPod with no functionality except to shuffle … Continue reading