Allia Postem in Tres Partes Est

Well, I have three items of business:
I can’t install SpamLookup for some reason. It’s not working.
I successfully ordered an 80-hour TiVo for $99 (after mail-in rebate) via their website. For a minute it looked like they were out of stock, but then it went through. Yay! I will soon have my very own God’s Machine!
My Terry Pratchett Meetup tonight got cancelled – the only other people who were going are sick. However, this gave me time to finally move it off meetup! The two places to go:
Yahoo! Groups (keyword: pratchett)
I hope we can rustle up more people. I also ordered some free business cards through VistaPrint to advertise it, and will scatter them liberally around. Huzzah.

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