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Cool stuff

OK, lunch is almost over so I gotta post the stuff I have in open windows so I can close them and go to work.

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Friday Five

OK, I missed the FF last week, so here’s last week’s since there are no new questions today (at least, not yet).

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I’m a geek. I am now on Flickr. Yay! Now I just need a digital camera of my own…

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Papal anxiety

Wow. I thought I wasn’t fond of the last Pope. I predict that the new Pope will frickin’ give me an anurysm. Reilly summed it up pretty well here. I don’t hold it against the guy that he was in … Continue reading


The Meetup Saga Continues

Well, after my letter, I got a formish-looking reply from Meetup talking about how they understand we are shocked and angry but this is just the way their company needs to go. I fired off another letter (which I worked … Continue reading

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Cute Cat Photos!

Cute cat photos ahoy! These are all of Mauser, my older cat. My roomie caught him being cute on her bed. Hee!


I [heart] BottleOfBlog

Rick goes off on those anti-activist-judges Republicans This guy is right up there with The Rude Pundit, man. To say he’s a little sarcastic is like saying the Pacific is a bit damp. Hehehehehe. Awesome. Excerpt:

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I am SO a fan of Overheard in the Office and Overheard in New York. This is one of my favorites. (copied below for posterity)

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More about Meetup

There’s an interesting little discussion (with side discussions that are kind of stupid) over at


Wednesday Whatevers

Slow work day = Memy goodness!

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