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TiVo = Yay

Got my TiVo all set up in time for the weekend. Hooray! I have to say that my TiVo rocks my world. It is the bestest. Now I just have to get enough things thumbed up/down so that it will … Continue reading

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Infomania = worse than pot

Infomania makes us dumber, and the IQ drop is worse than losing a night’s sleep or getting stoned. Well, I could’ve told you that. I’m a complete moron after spending a couple hours doing email, surfing the web, and chatting … Continue reading

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I saw Star Wars Ep III today.

I saw it at a screening this morning and will say only this: WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better than expected. WAY. Seriously. The romantic stuff still sucks but there was way less of it. The action RULED. This reviewer’s … Continue reading



My grandpa passed away in his sleep this weekend. I am really sad that he’s gone, but at the same time I know it was a good way to go. He didn’t linger in his confused and failing state, and … Continue reading


Zoetrope: All Story

This is an unusual collection of stories and essays. Many were taken from Francis Ford Coppola’s magazine of the same title, but some were written just for the compilation. The magazine and the collection are the outgrowth of Coppolla’s idea … Continue reading

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