Wow. I feel old. And young. And flattered.

I went to my 5-year college reunion over the weekend. It was awesome! I got to see my pals and party hearty and generally have a great time. I also got a ton of compliments, which was nice. :) Apparently I now look like Alanis Morrisette (so saith one of my former classmates, anyway).
I’m slowly getting photos from the weekend up on my Flickr account, so hooray. The reunion set is here.
There’s a bunch of other stuff up there now too – I met Bruce Campbell at a signing last night, which was awesome, and I’ve taken some pix of my cube at work too. Yay.
I need to blog about the Bruce Campbell event but am too busy at work right now. I’ll try to do it justice later. Meanwhile, you can read my review of his new movie.

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