Naked Bea Arthur!

The blogger meetup was last night. It was easily the coolest meetup I have been to in quite a while. [comicbookguyvoice]Best. Meetup. Ever.[/comicbookguyvoice]
Items of interest:

  • A song (nakedBea.mp3, 30 sec., 475.2K download) was created by Antwon and Rich. It’s about Bea Arthur, sort of.
  • It was determined that is available, but that Rich finds the concept of more disturbing.
  • I mentioned Kitty Cat Dance to at least a couple folks, thus spreading that damn earworm of a song (but the kitty is cute!)
  • I got to use the new camera a lot, and practice fiddling with the exposure meeter. That was cool.

Others did great entries about last night, so go read them: Rich and Elkit.
I may have to crawl around on the floor to plug in headphones so I can listen to the song at work. It’s a classic.

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