Naamah said, in a recent

Naamah said, in a recent comment,

Oh, no! Tiny shit is not to be overlooked in its power to make you want to kill.
I have always maintained, to make a hero you subject a person with a strong personality to horrible, trying circumstances. To make a villain, you subject the same person to grueling, annoying, pain-in-the-ass shit, day after freaking day. Because it’s not the big stuff that pushes you over the edge. It’s the little things. Like sitting down on the toilet and feeling your leg snap, and then deciding that, yeah, firebombing a few villages sounds pretty good. Or going to the fridge and finding out that someone has eaten your leftovers for the twentieth time, and you’re like, “yeah, I think I need me a Legion Of Death to deal with this shit.”
Thank goodness I am technologically inept, or I’d have built a doomsday device in my backyard by now.

And you know, she is right. She is SO RIGHT. I have had it with Sprint PCS. And it is not because they nuked me from orbit or ate my cats or something huge and awful. It is because of a bunch of little crap. It is because of the eight calls to tech support and three trips to the goddamn Sprint Store to fix my phone… which needed fixing because of a tiny thing they did by accident over the weekend.
Add to this the trouble I’ve had with my Post Office box (which was closed for five days due to a misunderstanding, so now I have to contact all the companies that use that as my mailing addy and tell them that no, really, I’m still there) and with dialling into the network at my exciting tech job, and I am indeed ready to snap. I am ready to start a legion of superandroids and take over the freakin’ world so that the trains will run on time and my phone will work and I will be able to work from home and my PO Box won’t randomly be locked.
But I am not techie enough to have a legion of superandroids, so I will try to be satisfied with a scathing letter and phone call of complaint, changing my cell phone provider, getting my box reopened, and double-checking with the techies here about the dialling in thing.
Watch this space for my scathing letter to Sprint.

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