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Black Sheep

by Georgette Heyer Hey, everyone needs to read a comfort book now and then, eh? I started reading this again while in the bathtub a while back and am now reading it pretty steadily in what little free time I … Continue reading

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I saw “Batman Begins” last night. It was unbelievably cool and awesome and fantastic. I totally fangirled out afterwards. Seriously. It is really super-cool. I don’t know the comics well enough to say how it ranks in terms of the … Continue reading



This article makes a good point: Prez. Bush is using God in a way that other Presidents haven’t had the nerve to. Plus, he’s not much of a Christian. I’m glad to read that plenty of others, including a bunch … Continue reading

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Cinderella Man

Man. This is a hard movie to review. And, aggravatingly enough, my hero Roger Ebert has let me down: he has apparently been taken in completely by the schmaltz of this movie. He is getting soft in his old age! … Continue reading

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I’m a Ninja!

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I am a huge geek. I knew this already, but sometimes things happen that drive it home. Here’s the latest geekery.


Das Uberkeyboard

OMG. I must have one of these. Maybe the fact that the force of each key is calibrated would make it more ergonimic and make up for the fact that it’s a straight keyboard. It is so awesome. SO AWESOME!!!