Napoleon Dynamite

One of the things I forgot to blog about is the film Napoleon Dynamite. I watched it over the weekend with the bf and was sorely disappointed.
It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. It just… was.
I wasn’t even expecting a whole lot, really — I’d heard both “OMGITSSOGOODYAY!” and “Wow, how lame” reactions from people, so I did my best to go in with no real expectations other than to be mildly amused.
And I did chuckle occasionally. But it didn’t blow my mind or make my week or anything. Napoleon is a mouthbreather and not quite weird enough to be interesting to me (I, as they say, get weirder things in my breakfast cereal). His brother was painfully lame. His uncle was annoying. His grandma was kinda cool, but we never get to really meet her. The girls in the film are disinteresting. Pedro is boring.
Ultimately, to me, it seemed like a bunch of actors moving through a script as though they expected the script to make the scenes funny or interesting or poignant rather than their own performances.
And that’s a drag, because all the LJ Icons I keep seeing of Napoleon dancing are actually pretty cool.

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