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Sprint con’t.

Well, I got a letter of apology from Sprint PCS in reply to my nastygram. I will type it up when I actually remember to get the letter, myself, and a computer together. In the meantime, check this out – … Continue reading

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Link of the WEEK!

OK, I don’t actually do links of the anything anymore, but this link RULES. Postcards I Have Made by Jon of DogBlog. My favorites: Tenacious D! I’m a rocker. I rock out. STFU WTF Lovecraftian 1 Difficulties The future left … Continue reading

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According to my snazzy book catalog, of the 334 books I’ve cataloged so far, 137 of them are ones I haven’t read. That number won’t change as I finish cataloging, since I long since took to putting all my unread … Continue reading

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Napoleon Dynamite

One of the things I forgot to blog about is the film Napoleon Dynamite. I watched it over the weekend with the bf and was sorely disappointed. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. It just… was. I wasn’t even expecting … Continue reading

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As promised to various and sundry folk, here is my opinion on the new “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which I saw last night. This is NOT a formal review because I am still trying to get my head around … Continue reading

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I just got back from my first acupuncture appointment. It wasn’t at all what I expected.

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Never Burn a Witch

by M.R. Sellars This is the sequel to Harm None, and it’s a decent book. There were a TON of typos and similar errors, but otherwise it was pretty good. Our hero, Rowan Gant, gets sucked into another investigation run … Continue reading

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My pal Annie set up a cool new CafePress store. I shall therefore pimp the hell out of it: Check out Do Not Touch This It’s great for those who aren’t into the whole touchy-feely thing… like pregnant ladies who … Continue reading

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I’m on a roll today!

This article on geeks (which I found via this entry at Geek Philosophy) totally cheesed me off. Go read it, then read my letter to the writer.



Yesterday I bought some Nag Champa incense so I can see if I like it. I left it in its box, in the bag, on the floor near my closet (about as far as you can get from the head … Continue reading

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