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Naamah_Darling weighs in on abortion rights, and says it all with incredible eloquence. She is an amazing writer. I have been listening to the confirmation hearings for John Roberts as I drive to and from work (or at least listening … Continue reading

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You know you’re a movie

You know you’re a movie geek when you sort throughyour 57 posters, decide to keep only 35 of them, and realize that of the ones you’re keeping, 22 are movie-related (the rest are mostly the Red Elvises and travel pictures). … Continue reading

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Wow. this is awesome. It’s a visual map of the English language, made by averaging the colors found in image searches of words.

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Take THAT!

This dismemberment of Deepak Chopra’s idiotic stance on evolution is a thing of beauty. I always knew I thought Chopra was kind of lame – now I know he is completely lame. What a moron.

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…that I am a geek: I scored 48% – Super Geek on the Geek Test when I took it today. I dig Klingon Fairytales I got all excited at finding THREE pieces of Chernabog memorabilia at Disneyland/California Adventure over the … Continue reading

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Another meme that’s going around…

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Once work settles down, I am going to catch up on interdictor‘s LJ. He’s blogging from New Orleans. THe saga starts here. He sounds like an interesting guy from the handful of entries I’ve had time to read.

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In case you were wondering how my Labor Day weekend went…

Elbow, while rollerblading Originally uploaded by Ealasaid. I got a flat tire, fell off my rollerblades, and had to work on Labor Day itself. Feh.

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In other news

Sweden lets you “borrow” people so you can learn about them. It’s called a “living library.” You can “borrow” an imam, a journalist, or a lesbian (among others). I think this is a fantastic idea.

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10 things

Everybody‘s doing it, so I will too. (Okay, maybe 2 people isn’t quite everybody, but still.) It’s good exercise, since work is making me so stressed that I barely have the words to express it (other things I lack words … Continue reading

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