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Yeah, I love me a good meme… I even love me a semi-lame meme.

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Holy moly.

Well, over lunch I finally scanned the last of my books into my book cataloging program. I have 1,023 books, not counting the ones from my childhood, which I have just remembered are boxed up in the garage. Damn. I … Continue reading

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I do not understand my cats. Mauser has suddenly turned from Mr. Standoffish into Mr. Friendly. It used to be that he graced me with his presence only occasionally, hanging out on my bed while I dressed in the morning … Continue reading

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The first ever Ego! Ego! Ego! giveaway!

Yep, I’ve decided to join the crowd of bloggers who try to lure in readers by offering free stuff. What am I offering? A chance to see the film “Doom” before it hits theaters this Friday. Specifically, a chance to … Continue reading

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A few random notes: I am beginning to seriously consider begging all my friends/family to get me gift certificates to IKEA for Christmas so that I can get enough Billy bookshelves to store my books and CDs. I have a … Continue reading

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Kittens make up for a lot.

I am finding it tricky to do much of anything, due to niggling little health issues (very mild vertigo, which causes near-constant mild motion-sickness; a mild headache; mild grogginess). however, I have the cure for what ails you: KITTEN! (.mpg, … Continue reading


Sethra Lavode

by Steven Brust I am so crushed that this ends sounding like it’s the last Phoenix Guards book he will write. I seriously hope that’s not the case and that there will be another book after this one. Brust’s Dumas-style … Continue reading

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Anansi Boys

by Neil Gaiman Man. I have the biggest literary crush on Neil Gaiman. Seriously. So big. The man is the god of my idolatry in the fantasy/horror novel/short story/graphic novel/comic book realm. I want to have a long, heated, passionate … Continue reading

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Tuesday, my doctor tells me to “take it easy” and not over-exert myself until we get a diagnosis/drug regimen worked out for me. Wednesday, I get a very polite letter from the Red Cross, begging me to sign up for … Continue reading

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Go me.

Modern, Cool Nerd 82 % Nerd, 86% Geek, 26% Dork For The Record: A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia. A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or … Continue reading

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