F#@* Christmas

Best. Christmas. Rant. EVAR.
Warning: May offend conservative Christians, Pat Robertson or Bill O’Reilly followers, and people without a basic sense of perspective.
I’ll go a step beyond just offering a link and say: Right on, man, right on. I am so sick of the “oh, poor me! We’re so persecuted!” act so many wingnut “Christians” put on. (I put that in quotes because really, they’re not Christians. Jesus said to turn the other cheek when you feel attacked, people, not bend the truth to suit your rantings and get lawsuit-happy.) The Christians who are actually being persecuted are the Christ-following, reasonable ones who are being made to look really bad by those nutjobs.
I am really glad I got to read a rant that awesome. Thanks for pointing it out to me, Twon! You rock.

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