An open letter to my knees

Dear Knees,
I know the rest of my body has been getting most of the attention lately, what with the fibro and all. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you and your Chondromalacia! You are still very important to me. I thought you knew that, but the temper tantrums you have been throwing lately suggest that maybe you think you need more attention.
That’s okay, but today needs to be the last day you pitch a fit, okay? Waking up with my leg muscles cramping because you hurt so much is not my idea of a good time. I’m going to work from home and ice you at regular intervals, take my ibuprofen, and stretch you a bit. See? Loads and loads of attention and affection. Can this please be the end? All that work on the elliptical machine has really helped my fibro (or at least, it seems better… possibly because you two are hurting more than the rest of my body combined). But if the elliptical really bothers you that much I’ll try to find another exercise. Okay? Do we have a deal? Truce?


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