I’m blogging from the meetup! Yay!
I don’t have much to say, though. :D So: Random Notes and observations!
Harold Pinter’s Nobel Acceptance speech is apparently awesome. I’m too busy with the offline discussion to read it, though.
Hank sez it’s a good thing Kevin Bacon isn’t like Stalin, who killed everyone who ever knew him. He’s right.
Elkit is blogging about the meetup too, hee!
Courtney is our Kevin Bacon, a statement which led to a riff on Courtney and bacon and was too disturbing to reprint here.
Apparently Persian is the third most commonly used language on the internet. Interesting, nu?
Threadless.com has totally kickass shirts. Please please please go buy some with my link so I can afford to buy myself more shirts. :) Because clearly what I need is more shirts. ;)
Ealasaid: Getting set on fire is bad. Rich: There’s a reason people thought that hell was fire.

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